Pune-based Parisar releases report ‘engage for environment: bus-based public transport and environment in Maharashtra’ | Pune News

PUNE: City-based Parisar recently released its final report, engage for environment: bus-based Public transport and environment in Maharashtra, a theme-based series that explored the connection between bus-based public transport (BBPT) and gender, urban development and environment as part of its “Lakh ko 50” bus campaign.
The report is based on a series of multi-city webinars conducted with city-based research scholars, academicians and environmentalists to explore how they understand the linkages between environment and urban mobility, and how this knowledge informs decision- and policymaking in their cities.
All the panelists Parisar spoke with called for the urgent need to leverage the skills and knowledge of the local educational and research institutions, experts, and academicians towards solving local environmental problems.
They stressed the need for both the state and urban local bodies to play an active role towards this end and emphasized the need for environment, transport and research to go hand-in-hand for liveable cities and a better quality of life. “Another theme that emerged was the importance of multidisciplinary and contextual research for ecologically sustainable transport projects and the need for democratizing decision-making and implementing processes through public participation which ought to be encouraged by the government,” the report said.
On World Environment Day, Parisar also had a conversation with 20+ environment groups from five cities (Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Solapur and Amravati) of Maharashtra on how they understood the linkages between environment and urban transport.

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