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MANGALURU: Guest teachers serving in Dakshina Kannada district have said that they have not been paid salary for the past three months.
The education hub of Karnataka has around 750 guest teachers working in various government primary and high schools across the district. They have not been paid any salary since May 15.
“We get a meagre pay as guest teachers and with that pay, we have to meet all our commitments. However, the state government has not paid our salaries for three months. We are humiliated by our kin, when we beg them for money for day-to-day expenses. We feel like ending our lives,” a guest teacher said.
Chitralekha K, district secretary of the Primary and High School Guest Teachers Association, Dakshina Kannada, told reporters on Tuesday, that the district has had guest teachers working since 2010. “There are 30,000 guest teachers across Karnataka. This year, the state government hiked their salaries from Rs 7,500 to Rs 10,000, which was a long-pending demand. We started working in schools from the beginning of the academic year, on May 15. So far, none of us have received our salaries. If we don’t receive it, we will stage a protest in front of the Clock Tower in the city on September 26,” warned Chitralekha.
Chandrika, district president of the association, expressed concern about their financial condition, and said, “When everyone celebrates a festival, we are forced to have a low-key one, or no celebration at all, as there is no money. At times, there is no money to pay for our bus tickets. Our family members humiliate us, questioning whether we are working or not. We have to beg or borrow money from our family members and others, to meet our daily expenses. We also have other commitments such as loans. All guest teachers come from middle-class families. This is mental harassment, and we feel like ending our lives due to this. We have been working for the betterment of thousands of schoolchildren, but our future is in question, even after studying so much. The government is also not conducting any recruitment through the Teacher Eligibility Test,” said Chandrika, adding that their salary is delayed every year.

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