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MUZAFFARNAGAR: President of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind and principal of the Deoband-based Islamic seminary Darul Uloom, Arshad Madani, on Tuesday expressed objection to the UP government’s decision to survey madrasas across the state.
“Our concern pertains to the prevailing communal mindset behind the move, not the survey itself. Sectarian forces have created an atmosphere of hatred throughout the country… and the government has a role to play. Given all this, Muslims are forced to believe that…every policy is coming forward to destroy their existence,” he said.
“There are several such educational institutions. If this survey of unapproved schools is necessary, why is it not necessary to survey the others? This is discrimination,” he added.
The UP government has started the process of surveying madrasas “to ascertain the number of students, teachers, the curriculum, and their affiliation with non-government organisations”. The government said that it would help ensure “basic facilities”. Ever since it announced its plan, a war of words has raged in the state, with many claiming the move was “targeted”. “Madrasas are for nation building, not to oppose the country. They are the jugular vein of this nation. One-hundred-and-fifty years of their history is witness to that. We will not allow this sinister design to destroy them,” Madani said. He added that the right to run religious institutions was guaranteed by the Constitution. “We provide pure religious education in madrasas. The Constitution has given us the right to establish and run our own educational institutions. There is no place for terrorism and extremism in the teaching of the Quran and Hadith,” he said.
Madani alleged that during UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s visit to Saharanpur, there was a demand to rename a college named after freedom fighter Sheikh Al Hind. “Sheikh Al Hind was a great freedom fighter. Why would his pupils turn against the country? How can the madrasas established by him be the centre of terrorism?” he said.
Madani also hit out at Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma’s remarks alleging that demolished madrasas in that state were once Al-Qaeda offices. “They cannot present any proof. A man might say whatever he wants. It does not make it true. Muslims should have been taken into confidence before issuing such a circular.”

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