Erica Fernandes reacts to watching Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s Brahmastra, ‘It was a great try but not a successful one’

Erica Fernandes recently did a question and answer session with her fans on social media. She reacted to questions like if she has a boyfriend, if she is engaged, dealing with insecurities of being skinny, watching Brahmastra and a lot more.

Erica gave her opinion as a fan questioned her if she watched Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra. She replied, “Yes, I did. It was great try but not a successful one. It was a film high on VFX which was beautifully done. But I wish there were more efforts put into training the actors for this kind of filmmaking and it was not directed by a director whose forte has only been romance.”

She also added, “Nevertheless, this is a baby step toward making things bigger and better in Bollywood too. Everyone learns from their mistakes and I hope some good comes out of this too. This is my opinion as clearly everyone is entitled to one.”

Another user questioned her: How to deal with skinny hone wali insecurity?

Erica replied, “I am not that skinny anymore. But even during that phase I am not sure if you could call it insecurity. I have passed that phase. It was when my body was behaving a certain way because of metabolism but now after crossing a certain age I start to notice changes. Now I am on a normal diet and sometimes I am asked not to over eat like I used to earlier.”


A fan questioned if she is engaged. Erica shared a photo of wearing a ring on her ring finger and she replied, “If you are talking about that? Nopes I gifted myself one.”

When a user asked her to reveal her boyfriend, Erica replied, “Arrey re boyfriend agar hoga toh reveal ho sakta hai na.”


Erica is currently concentrating on independent projects and has music videos in the pipeline.

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