Imlie update, September 14: Imlie exposes Malini; Aryan calls off the wedding

The latest episode of Imlie begins with Malini entering the wedding mandap. As Aryan and Malini go forward to get married, Chinni says that the guests have arrived. Malini gets confused and says she didn’t call anyone apart from the people who are already present. She then gets shocked as she sees her goons and kidnappers showing up.

Imlie calls the criminals to expose Malini in front of Aryan and the Rathores. The jewellery shop owner exposes Malini by saying that it was her earring that fell off at the bomb blast location and she was the one who tried to kill everyone. Later, the kidnappers voice out and tell Aryan that she was the one who paid them to kidnap Chinni several times. Aryan gets surprised and asks them if they are telling the truth.

As the episode continues, Neela and Preeta tell Aryan that even though they always hated Imlie, they will never deny the fact that she is a good human. They then tell him that Malini promised them to make Preeta get married to Aryan.

Aryan asks Preeta about Imlie. She responds by saying that Imlie is exactly where she should be and that is the Rathore house. Imlie walks in and confronts Malini about all her ill acts. Malini snaps at her for always ruining all her plans. Towards the end of the episode, Aryan and Malini get into an ugly spat. He then calls off the wedding and leaves with Imlie.

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