TKSS’ Sidharth Sagar on handling ups and downs in life: Frustration, anger, anxiety and impatience will lead you nowhere but in despair

Entertainment industry must have evolved and many new things are happening. But, the discussion on the difference between actor and star has been on for years as many find it hard to differentiate unlike others, while there are still others who believe that they are one. Actor-comedian Sidharth Sagar shares his viewpoint.

“I think stars are made by the audience while actors are born from God’s grace and you would rarely find both together,” he says.

While the opportunities are plenty, so is the competition in the industry right now. This is probably the reason why the actor and star difference is not that prominent. Also, OTT has changed the game for many.

“I don’t believe in competition, I see art as divine and infinite. Whether it’s music, dance or acting, one must have playfulness and joy in whatever they do. Only then it grooms you creatively and naturally, and once you are in tune with the art and the joy every moment is an opportunity,” he adds.

The whole discussion around how knowing someone in showbiz helps one get through good projects is a never-ending debate. In spite of having personal managers and talent management companies, people are getting work more by references and personal equations. Knowing someone always helps.

“I think no one can manage your work with honesty and dedication better than you. Till the time the manager doesn’t understand the vision of an artist, it’s not just about making money or growing an audience on social media, managers should also be creative enough to know what more can be done. And, it can only be done when there is affection, love and vision for the artist, till then it’s better to manage your work on your own,” he explains.

Actors who have no alternate fall back option get frustrated waiting for the right opportunity in showbiz. On how one should handle the ups and downs of this profession, Sidharth adds, “It all depends on how you see it. As I told you, every moment is an opportunity for me, but there were times when I didn’t work for some time as life was teaching me something beautiful in its own way. So, it was an opportunity to learn. Then there are times when you get an opportunity to earn, to be more creative, to perform for nobody but for your own self. Frustration, anger, anxiety and impatience will lead you nowhere but in despair.”

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