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GUWAHATI: Speaker Biswajit Daimary on Wednesday suspended Independent MLA Akhil Gogoi from the assembly for the duration of the question hour for “disrupting proceedings.”
The legislator from Sivasagar wanted to ask a supplementary question pertaining to the education department but when the speaker disallowed it, Gogoi alleged that his voice was being stifled. Following this, the speaker ordered his suspension for the rest of the question hour.
“The rules of ‘andolan’ (protest) cannot be allowed inside the house. It has its own set of rules,” the speaker said.
Congress continues protest
For the second consecutive day on Wednesday, the Opposition Congress staged a walkout in the assembly over the reduction of time for supplementary queries during the question hour. When the speaker disallowed supplementary queries during the question hour, citing the five-minute rule, Congress MLAs briefly walked out of the house in protest.
“We are not being allowed to speak. If this is the case, we can just sit at home and watch the proceedings online,” Congress MLA Kamalakshya Dey Purkayastha said outside the assembly.
AIUDF legislator Ashraful Hussain added, “Our party had so many important points to raise, which are well within the rules of the house. But we were not given the opportunity to do so.”
Later, parliamentary affairs minister Pijush Hazarika said, “The decision was taken at the BAC meeting. If needed, the next meeting can discuss it once again.”
Speaker’s advice
Speaker Biswajit Daimary cautioned a Congress MLA that he might face the risk of a disqualification notice from his party for remaining in the house when his party has staged a walkout.
The speaker said this when Congress legislator Diganta Barman returned to the house while his party had walked out of the assembly during the question hour in protest against the reduction of time for supplementary queries. Barman came back to the house to place his question but before he could rise, the speaker said, “Assamese people do not take rules seriously but I have to run the house as per rules. And an MLA can face disqualification notice from his party for not abiding by the party’s decision. I think it is my duty to point this out to the honourable member,” Daimary said.
The other Congress MLAs, who were in the lobby beside the house chamber at that time, immediately rushed in and claimed that they had decided to listen to the proceedings from outside as they were not being allowed to raise any supplementary questions. The parliamentary affairs minister defended the speaker and said he was playing a “positive role”. Daimary said he was currently hearing disqualification notices from Congress against three of its MLAs and therefore he thought it was his duty to alert legislators of the opposition party against any activity that may attract disqualification notices against them.

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