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BAREILLY: The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation’s electricity distribution department office in Rampur was on Wednesday sealed and marked for auction after it allegedly failed to comply with an unprecedented order by Rampur district court, which had directed the department in 2014 to pay compensation within 30 days to a man whose left leg was amputated after he came in contact with a low-hanging electricity cable.
While the principal amount of the compensation is Rs 3 lakh, the total, including accumulated interest due to delay in payment, has mounted to Rs 4.25 lakh now. The payment is to be made from the proceeds of the auction, the court directed.
The incident took place in February 1998 when Basheer Ahmed, a resident of Bareilly, was on his way to attend a wedding ceremony. He ended up with a paralysed hand and an amputated leg and became completely dependent on his wife and children. He was hospitalised for nearly seven months and claimed that he had spent almost all his family’s savings on treatment.
Compensation is to be made from proceeds of auction, says court
Ahmed then approached UPPCL for compensation, and when it refused to provide damages, he approached court in 2004. After a long trial, the court in 2014 ordered UPPCL to pay Rs 3 lakh.
Bhisma Kumar, executive engineer, EDD 1, said, “After the initial court orders, our department in 2014 paid Ahmed Rs 1.5 lakh and filed an appeal in the upper court.”
Since the corporation did not fully comply with the order, Basheer Ahmed again knocked on the doors of the court in 2015. And on August 1 this year, the court passed the order to seal the office. The power department was directed that they owed a total of Rs 4.25 lakh, including interest.
Executive engineer Kumar said, “Our appeal was rejected by the higher court in 2017, and now the department has to pay Rs 1.5 lakh more, along with interest. We received a notice saying that the court had directed the authorities to seal our office, and a demand draft was immediately submitted in court for the remaining payment but the court officers sealed our office due to some misunderstanding. We will get it opened soon.”
Meanwhile, civil court amin Amit Kumar said, “I received the order of the civil judge (senior division) to seal the office of the power corporation, along with all its items. I have done the same. The office can now be de-sealed only on the orders of the court.”

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