Ujjaini Mukherjee: MeToo exists in music industry also, I was shocked when an elderly music director proposed me | Bengali Movie News

She was only 17 then and singing talent Ujjaini Mukherjee never stopped dreaming. A young Ujjaini embarked on her musical journey through a reality show but the experience of working in the glamorous world of Mumbai wasn’t that sweet for the singer. She was left in shock when a popular senior music director told her something that made Ujjaini think twice about her Mumbai stint. After listening to her soothing voice and tonal quality that music director promised the Bengali singer that she will be given a chance to sing in his upcoming film. Then started all the preparations, studio visit and necessary sittings with the music director and one night, at around 12 am, Ujjaini received a call from him and the way he was speaking to her it shocked Ujjaini.

The memories of that conversation still haunt the singer and she can recall the exact words even today. “I didn’t know what to say. I was so shocked. I asked him why you are speaking to me like this. The way he was speaking I felt something was wrong. It didn’t sound good. Then suddenly he said ‘I love you’. I was so young back then. Didn’t face anything like this before. So I didn’t know how to react. I politely responded ‘Sir, I respect you’. After that I thought he won’t work with me again but after one month or so he again called me and I did sing for him. My playback debut did happen. But since that call at midnight his behavior towards me changed,” Ujjaini shared with us.

We often hear a lot about casting couch in the cinema industry. Is the scenario the same in the music fraternity as well? We asked the popular singer and Ujjaini promptly responds saying that ‘MeToo’ does happen in music industry as well. “I, myself has faced these kind of things a number of occasions. Even when I went to the studio along with my mother I did receive such illicit offers. My mother was so angry to see this happening. Even an above-50 person at a studio used to stare at me, propose me and did some gestures which made me uncomfortable. Surprisingly he didn’t care even if my mother was accompanying with me. I used to get scared because at that time I was only starting my career and it was difficult for me to handle those things at the age of 17. But now after all these years, I have realized that there will always be positive things among negative ones. I have come across people who have guided me as my Guru and have taught lessons which I will never forget in my life. I am blessed with such teachers in my career,” added the singer.

There’s a saying that outsiders find it difficult to cement their place in the Mumbai industry and many actors including Swastika Mukherjee have raised their voice addressing this issue. However, when Ujjaini went to Mumbai things were not that complicated and although there were hurdles finally talent prevailed. “Things have changed now. Also when I started my career in 2004-2005 there were only a few reality shows. Marathi artists might get preference at that time but that was all. If you have talent you will succeed and that’s what I learnt from my initial days in Mumbai,” shares Ujjaini whose recent songs in films like ‘Tirandaj Shabor’, ‘Antardhaan’ and ‘Abar Kanchanjungha’ have been lapped up by music lovers.

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