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New Delhi: For creating the merit list for admissions, Delhi University will take the normalised marks and not the percentile scores released by the National Testing Agency, which organised the Common University Entrance Test. For each course, with some exceptions, the maximum marks will be considered to be 800.
With the CUET results declared early on Friday, DU will now begin the second phase of registration, beginning September 26, to allow students to mark their choice of courses and colleges.
According to the university’s admission schedule, the declaration of the merit list will be released on October 10. That day will also be the last chance for registration of the students to complete the first and second phases of inclusion in the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS).
As per the specified eligibility list, all subjects have been divided into List A and List B. List A includes the languages, a total of 33, mostly Indian but also some foreign languages such as French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. List B is divided into B1 and B2, where B1 has the academic subjects and B2, the vocational subjects.
For each course, the eligibility will comprise a combination of subjects in the list, the only rider being that the subjects have to be those the aspirant has studied in Class XII.
For instance, for a BA in political science, the student has to take any one language from List A, any two subjects from list B1 and one more from either B1 or B2. Let’s suppose a student has written the CUET papers for English, history, physical education, sociology and political science and scored 196, 155, 158, 151 and 72. Taking the best of four of the CUET scores would give the student 660 out of 800.
Most of those opting for science courses would need to include the scores in physics, chemistry, maths or biology in their aggregate in addition to having at least 30% in a language.
It is important to remember that for BCom (H), one must include either maths or accountancy in the calculation of merit score. For economics (H) too, mathematics is mandatory.
The programme-specific merit scores will be auto-calculated by the university and the candidate will have to confirm his or her scores before marking the preferences.
DU has advised students to select as many programmes-college combinations as they can. After the closure of the preference phase, DU will release a simulated list of tentative allocations based on the CSAS 2022 allocation policy. Students will get a two-day window to reorder their programme-college preferences.

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