Netizens laud Nidhi Shah and Rupali Ganguly’s performance for the current track of Anupamaa, say ‘Kinjal should not return to Shah House’

Anupamaa has been on the top of TRP list for the longest time and has retained its place as the most viewed show on television. The current track has touched an extremely sensitive topic again about the husband cheating on his wife while she is pregnant with their child.

Despite Rakhi Dave and Baa asking Kinjal to give Toshu another chance and accepting that all men end up making this mistake at least once in their life, they practically call the sin as a mere mistake. Toshu’s promises irk Anupamaa and she reveals his extramarital affair in front of Kinjal.

Kinjal gives him a reality check of what he has done and how terrible she feels after getting cheated on when she needed his care and support the most.

The show trended due to the current track and netizens applauded Kinjal and Anupamaa’s stand against Toshu and also asked the makers to not ruin the track by turning it anything different from Kinjal’s plight.

Here’s what they shared, ‘Makers, you have touched a very imp track. The cast is doing a phenomenal job. If you want to do justice to this track. Let this be only about Kinjal’s journey & her strong stand against the patriarchal mindset regarding EMA Please don’t make it again about #Anupamaa’s dilemma’

They further added, ‘She didn’t give Toshu a free pass by taking the blame onto herself or shifting it to Kinjal OR the girl who he was with. He was in a committed relationship and HE chose to dishonor it, hence she only held him accountable.’

A fan even asked the makers not to let Kinjal stay in the Shah House after what Toshu has done and not make her accept Toshu’s apology as well.

What is your take on the current track of the show and how inspiring has it been for you as a viewer? Don’t miss out on letting us know about your reaction in the comment section.

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