Imlie update, September 17: Imlie and Aryan take their last breath

The latest episode of Imlie begins with the Rathore family enjoying the naming ceremony. Aryan and Imlie pray for their children’s safety. Malini on the other hand arrives at the ceremony with an intention to kill Imlie. She fits three bombs inside the house and decides to activate it when only Aryan and Imlie are around.

Imlie and Aryan go ahead with the ceremony and perform a special puja for their daughters. Cheeni grabs her little sister and expresses her excitement over the same. She tells her that she will always protect her and take care of her. Aryan and Imlie look at each other and feel happy to finally become parents. Later, Pandit Ji asks them about the name that they are considering for their newborn. Aryan responds by saying that he is willing to name both her daughters today.

Malini accidentally activates all the three bombs at the wrong time. She wonders if she will be able to save her own life as the countdown Begins. Later, one of the bombs blast and everyone at the ceremony start panicking. Aryan and Imlie along with the other family members try to escape from the situation. However Imlie gets injured and feels unconscious.

Malini takes her last breath and looks at Imlie if she is dead or not. She calls Cheeni and tells her that Imlie is not her real mom and she doesn’t even love her. She asks her to promise her to always remember that Malini is her mom and not Imlie. Cheeni gets brainwashed as gives her the promise. Towards the end of the episode Aryan and Imlie take their last breath as well. They pray to God for their children and pass away.

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