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Vadodara: In what could be Gujarat’s first same sex marriage, police investigations have revealed that Dr Viraj Vardhan was a woman when he married Sheetal (name changed) eight years ago in Vadodara. Vardhan had not undergone sex change operation until 2020 and that too failed.
Investigators said that Vardhan used male organ made of silicon to deceive his wife into believing that he was a man. “Vardhan said that he was a woman when he got married but his wife had no idea about it due to his appearance that resembled men. It was practically a same sex wedding done by duping the bride. It is for the first time that we have registered such a case in the state,” said a police official and added that such a wedding won’t have any legal sanctity either.
When asked how he managed to keep Sheetal in the dark about his gender, Vardhan told the police that he used to wear a male organ made of silicon. “He used to strap the silicon organ below his waist. The lady often raised doubts as he avoided having sex but he used to make her feel the silicon organ from outside,” the official told TOI.
“He kept giving different excuses, including having infection on private parts, for not getting into physical relations with her. Two years ago, she got hold of Vardhan’s files about his sex change surgery and that’s how she learnt about his actual gender,” said Kuldeepsinh Jadhav, police inspector, Gotri.
Vardhan, who is a businessman, admitted on Friday having undergone phalloplasty (surgical creation of male organ) but he alleged that she knew about his genitals for a long time.
“I am not capable of unnatural sex. How can I do it?” he questioned. He claims to have completed MBBS from Russia and that his father was an eye surgeon.
The police said that Vardhan got into relationship with a sex worker and also bought a flat for her next to his housing colony in Delhi. Sheetal and Vardhan had met through a matrimonial website and got married at a hotel in Vadodara. Her father owns a medical store in the city.
The cops were perplexed while interrogating Vardhan on Friday. “He claims that he was a female but identifies himself as a male. So, there was confusion over who will interrogate Vardhan. Male or a female cop? As we had to examine the claims of his gender, a male cop and a female cop then jointly interrogated him,” a police official said.

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