Chandigarh: PGI professor brings revolution in kidney transplants, gets award | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: Till three years back, the PGI had been discarding kidneys which could not be assessed for transplantation surgery. However, with a protocol and data compilation of a facility which is only available in the PGI in the entire country, even the most damaged kidneys have been used successfully for transplants.
“This method also allows assessment of damage caused to these kidneys if any during organ donation and retrieval process.
If this assessment is not available, kidneys were routinely discarded in the past, but this technique has allowed the PGI to assess and transplant these kidneys,” said Prof Ashish Sharma, head of the department of renal transplant surgery, PGIMER.
Recently he and his student Dr Dev Parkash Choudary were awarded 2022 International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Award in the international conference by the highest scientific body in the field of transplantation at Buenos Aires, Argentina.
This technology offers a human environment for the organs to be ‘charged’ and stay preserved after death. It can pump blood and provide required nutrients to the inner organs until retrieval of the organs for transplant

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