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Life after Gaalipata 2…

The response to the film and my role has been more than overwhelming. We are in the fifth week and I still get messages from people. The entire journey has been wonderful. Now that it is a huge success, I am able to move on and concentrate on my production house.

What can we expect from you as a producer?

I am producing a Tamil film called
Kaadhal Konjam Thookala, directed by Balaji Mohan. The film has Kalidas Jayram, Amala Paul and Dushara Vijayan in lead roles. We just started our first schedule in London last week. The script is what caught my attention. Till now, all films from my production house have been thrillers. So, I wanted to get into the romcom space. When I say romcom, there is a big chance that the story will be cliched with the script pointed in only one direction. But this script was extremely fresh and matched the genre I was looking for. So, I guess everything came together at the right time.

You had done a film production course a few years ago. Was that of any help, now that you have produced a few films?

Definitely, yes. For an outsider, film production may look like it is just about budget and money. Yes, money is a big part of it. But this course taught me that as a producer, it is the smallest of details, the nitty-gritty, that matters the most – like scheduling of actors, location, spending per day and such. I don’t want to be the producer who throws money at a project. I am a hands-on producer and I intend on taking up all my projects that way. I am more of a production manager who takes care of everything and not just a namesake producer.

A lot of actresses have been getting into production these days…

Yes, and it’s great news, isn’t it? Earlier, only older people would get into production. But in 15 years, a lot has changed. Being an actor is like a stepping stone to becoming a producer. There is no one better than an actor who can turn to production to deliver quality films. As an actor, you get to collaborate with great minds for different projects, but when you turn producer, you get to handpick each and every member of your creative team, thus building a dream team to deliver the kind of films you always wanted to.

Recently, Ramya, one of your closest friends, also announced a production house. Have you two discussed anything yet?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to discuss it. Of course, I wished her well. I have heard great things about it and she is coming up with some great films.

Do we get to see you on silverscreen again?

Of course! I am open to doing films and I am willing to work for other banners too. But as of now my, hands are full with the Tamil film. Post November, once we are done with the first schedule, I’ll get back to reading scripts. As of now, I am looking forward to day one of the first schedule of the Tamil film.

OTT is a hit among producers…

A lot of producers had lost hope during COVID. But as you can see, films are doing very well in theatres these days. Take
Gaalipata 2, for example. If you make good films, people will throng theatres. I know most producers now prefer OTT as it is a safe space, but I think films are meant to be watched and thoroughly enjoyed on the big screen.

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