Exclusive: I feel like the oldest newcomer around: Ramesh Aravind | Kannada Movie News

Ramesh Aravind, who was recently conferred an honorary doctorate – Doctor of Letters – from Rani Chennamma University for his outstanding achievement in cinema for three decades, said: “The greatest recognition is the work itself. Three decades later, it gives me immense pleasure to be here, working, collaborating with great minds and still going strong.”

The actor says his father would have been proud and moments like these validate the trust he had in him. “When I posted a message about the doctorate in a family group, my sister who lives in Muscat, my brother from the US, and another brother from Bengaluru, had the same reaction: ‘Congratulations. If Appa was here, he would have been so proud.’ I was a well-faring student in college. When I quit engineering to pursue acting, many people questioned my father. Dad stood by me and told me to pursue my dreams. It is moments like these that validate the trust my dad had in me and my work.”

“I couldn’t have survived here for 30 years if not for the audience. I want to personally thank every individual who has purchased tickets to my films. Honours like these are like report cards, it makes you feel like you are heading in the right direction. Knowing your work is appreciated itself is the biggest honour,” he adds.

Asked if he now feels like a veteran, Ramesh laughs and says: “For us Kannadigas, there is a halo attached to the doctorate recognition. We don’t say Rajkumar, we say Dr Rajkumar. The feeling of being on the sets of films hasn’t changed from the first day of my career. I feel like the oldest newcomer around.”

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