Jhalak 10’s Ali Asgar on his kids being mocked as he played female characters: My son once asked, “Aap ko aur kuch aata nahi hai?”

“My kids used to get teased in school as I played female characters. I was sceptical about playing Daadi also as my kids were young at that time. They were in 4 or 5th standard. They used to get mocked as I played Basanti’s role, they would get ‘Arre iska baap basanti hai’, iski do do maa hai’. Once, on a Saturday, we were having dinner with the entire family, my show was playing on Television and there was an announcement that I will come as a bahu. My son just got up and asked me “Aap ko aur kuch aata nahi hai?”. Bechara Chota baccha asked me, don’t you know anything else to do? He shared with me, that you don’t know I get mocked in my school because you play only female characters. I just ignored everything. In Sunday’s episode, I was again dressed as a female, he just walked off from the dinner table.” (Photo: Instagram)

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