Man who ended life ‘harassed’ by loan apps: Police probe in Pune | Pune News

PUNE: Preliminary investigations into the death of a 25-year-old man, who was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his flat on New Airport Road on September 5, indicate that he had taken loans from some online apps or companies.
Senior inspector Bharat Jadhav of the Airport police said, “We have registered the case as an accidental death. The man was a servicing agent for water purifiers.”
Sub-inspector Balasaheb Wakade said, “We have recorded the statements of the man’s father and grandfather. Both confirmed that he had been receiving threatening calls from some people working for loan apps or companies. He was under tremendous stress. We also recorded the statements of his friends. He had borrowed Rs6 lakh from a friend to pay off some loan apps.”
Wakade added, “A few days before taking the extreme step, the deceased had also submitted an online complaint application to the cybercrime cell of Pune police, stating that he was being harassed by loan app executives. We have requested the cyber police to provide us with the details of the online complaint.”
The sub inspector further said, “It is not yet known from which loan app the deceased had taken a sum and what was the amount. We also do not yet know the purpose for which he took the loan. We will verify the online complaint before registering any offense in this matter.”
According to Wakade, the deceased man had extensively used his phone to download various apps, including loan apps. “He had a security password on his phone that we are yet to crack. Once this is done, we will get more information on the loan apps he used and amounts borrowed from them. We will also verify the purpose,” Wakade said, adding, “As of now, we have presumed that he took loans from a few apps and then from his friends to pay off the former. However, they all verified that he had been receiving abusive and threatening calls for the last few days.”
On Saturday, when TOI contacted the cyber police, a police officer said, “We have received the online application of the deceased and are working on it. We will share the details with the Airport police.”

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