Shilpa Shinde gets emotional on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10’s family week; reveals mom, siblings never supported her decisions and called her crazy

Shilpa Shinde, who is currently competing in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10, had an emotional breakdown during the family special episode. The actress broke down because of her turbulent relationship with her family. Shilpa depicted her journey where her family was never with her through her act in the family special week.

After the act, Shilpa shares with the judges and contestants that her mom and siblings never supported her in her decisions and called her crazy. Even when she won Bigg Boss 11, her mother told her that she won the show because of her. She has a family which is not with her. All the contestants come on the stage and hug Shilpa as she gets emotional.

Shilpa says, “I don’t want any sympathy from anyone, I just want to inspire people who think they are alone. What I showed in the act is what had happened to me.”

Karan Johar tells her, “I’m grateful to have had parents with whom I can discuss my life. There’s a lot of love and respect there. I was encouraged to open up about my feelings and have a discussion about things. There are people in many families who are set in their ways and are dogmatic. They think that what they believe and say is undeniably true. To parents and elderly people of the family who think like this, I’d like to say that even the young ones have a point of view and a thought process and sentiments as well. It’s important that you hear them out. I pray from the bottom of my heart for you Shilpa. I hope that through this show your mother, brother, and friends understand where you come from and realise that you have emotions and a heart just like them.”

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