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It was a super Saturday for the residents of Upohar, EKTP Phase 2 Abashik Puja Committee c/o Marshelin Cooperative and Urban Sabujayan as Calcutta Times celebrated Pujor Hullor with them. The events were made even more exciting by the presence of actress Swastika Dutta, who enjoyed a plethora of activities with the residents of Upohar. “More than Pujo, I love the feeling of Pujo asche. When I see the pandals being constructed and the busy markets, it makes me happy. But here in this complex, it feels that Durga Puja has already started! I’m on a diet as I am doing a web series but I just can’t resist the phuchkas,” the actress told us.


Swastika had a lovely time with the kids of the complex. “I love interacting with kids as they are pure souls. And their excitement for Pujo takes me back to my childhood,” said the actress while judging a sit-and-draw contest for the kids. She also had a blast discussing Pujo shopping with the ladies of the complex. “Buying silver jewellery is a must for me during Pujo. But I haven’t bought anything yet this year, as I’ve been busy shooting. Ma has bought me saris but haven’t stitched the blouses yet. I love wearing saris during Pujo,” the actress added.

Swastika also had a great time judging the cooking contest. “All the dishes are just wow! To me, everyone is a winner,” she told the residents.


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