Exclusive – Raqesh Bapat on dabbling work in Hindi and regional medium: Marathi is closer home and Hindi is something that has given me mass love

Actor and entrepreneur Raqesh Bapat, who recently made news for his peppy music single, has received a nomination in a prestigious film festival for his Marathi film Sarsenapati Hambirrao. Basking in the glory of his successes this year, Raqesh has been simultaneously dabbling between both Hindi and Marathi entertainment industry and living the best of both worlds. After over two decades in showbiz, Raqesh has done considerable work across industries and believes he continues to learn through different work processes.

Raqesh shares, “Though regional cinema has put India on the world map through some outstanding work, it is not the same as a Hindi movie normally functions. A Marathi film helmed by a good production house will not be backed by a budget more than an average Bollywood movie. The major differentiating factor between the two is the production value. Here, it is imperative that the story is the hero. When you have more money involved, there are techniques, various camera angles, quality of technicians and types of equipment and a very skilled edit team that comes together and collectively packages the movie well. Bollywood can afford to show opulence. Whereas regional cinema is story driven. The audience who come to watch, come from a love for literature and culture. It is not the same.”

“Having said that, Hindi television has given me name, fame and helped me reach people far and wide, also in the innermost corners of India through my daily soap, but Marathi cinema has made me a better actor, it helps me focus on my acting. Before the movie hits the floor, there are rigorous workshops, as an actor it helps me deliver my part with precision, they say you can’t lie to the camera.”

“This journey has been satisfying and I’m only grateful to be able to do both. They are two completely different worlds with limitless opportunities. Marathi is closer home and Hindi is something that has given me mass love. I can never just settle with one,” Raqesh sighs.

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