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BHOPAL: First delivery took place in the new building of Sultania hospital within the Gandhi Medical College (GMC) campus here on Sunday. It marked the start of IPD services commence at the main campus. Maternity and child care services in the more than 100-year-old campus of old Sultania Zanana hospital has stopped taking new patients.
Sultania hospital OPD services were moved to main GMC campus last week. There was a wave of happiness in the staff of Hamidia hospital as soon as the baby was born. Everyone welcomed this little guest and congratulated his parents.
Sultania Zanana Hospital is being operated in the completed 11-storey building within GMC campus. Sultania hospital is an associated hospital of GMC.
Govind Singh, a resident of Govindpura, had first reached Sultania Hospital with his wife Chandravati. On reaching here, he came to know that the doctors and other staff were present at the new place in the Hamidia campus.
The staff present in Sultania advised Govind to go to Hamidia hospital. In an emergency Chandravati was taken to the labour room. The delivery was normal and both the mother and the baby are said to be healthy.
The infant, a boy will be monitored alongside the mother for few days.
When the first child was born in the new building on Sunday, the staff, expressing their happiness, not only congratulated the parents but also made this moment memorable by distributing sweets.
The biggest problem that has been solved by the shifting of Sultania Hospital is that now the mother and child will not have to live separately. Paediatric department is also operating from the same building.
Earlier, there was any complication and the infant had to be moved some 5-km to the main GMC campus.

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