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The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education(ICSE) is known for being different from the CBSE board and other state boards in many ways. But did you know that the ICSE curriculum is now being looked upon as a suitable haven for hybrid learning needs as well after online learning prevailed widely during and post-pandemic?
For the unversed, hybrid learning or blended learning is technology-mediated instruction with the mixed mode approach that combines online educational materials and opportunities with physical classroom methods. Now, let’s see how the ICSE curriculum has been extremely suitable for today’s hybrid learning needs :
New teaching methods:

  • The ICSE learning approach in general and that of class 9 in particular streamlines the student learning approach in a way that incites more interest in the students for the learning processes.
  • Here the teacher provides offline group-based assignments to the students that are required to present in the school physically which in turn helps them to acquaint themselves and interact with each other as well.

A holistic approach to studies:

  • The ICSE curriculum is designed in a holistic manner which compels the students to learn quality content that is not just limited to textbook knowledge but also facilitates achieving insight into practical facets of the concepts.
  • This approach ensures the success of hybrid learning methods as well.
  • This also helps students to stay on par with the international standards of education.
  • The learning approach lies beyond examinations to gain complete comprehension, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.
  • These are taught by combining academic knowledge with skill development, which again is characteristic of a blended learning ecosystem.

Smart learning methodology :

  • The globally-recognised ICSE curriculum incorporates new teaching methodologies while encouraging an analytical mind and global content.
  • Besides, the board gives much importance to smart classes and technology like virtual lessons, pre-recorded videos, online content and video conferencing to teach both offline and online groups of students.
  • The usage of asynchronous technological learning elements along with traditional ones makes the ICSE curriculum a desirable choice for students.

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