Tanishq launches new Chozha collection

CHENNAI: Tanishq on Tuesday launched its new exclusive collection The Chozha as an ode to the Chozha dynasty, which is regarded as the golden age.
With an aim to celebrate the empire and drawing inspiration from three key themes of the era -temple architecture, literature, and coinage and sculptures- Tanishq said the new collection caters to the ” Pudhumai Penn” of Tamil Nadu.
Arun Narayan, VP Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, Titan Company said that the special collection is being launched this festive season to bring alive the stories, icons and legends of this rich legacy. “We are also close to unveiling the 400th Tanishq store in the country,” he added. The company currently has around 392 stores across India.
While the brand has in the past brought out other collections based on royal themes such as the Padmavat, Jodha Akbar etc, this is the first time that the company is launching a collection based on such a large historic theme and with such depth and nuance, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, general manager – marketing , Tanishq, said. “It took us anywhere between 12-18 months to work on this and bring it out,” she added.
“The painstakingly comprehensive and superior craftsmanship is meticulously detailed to permeate the glory of the Chola rule. Every piece has a story, a piece of the history, a tale of the glorious Chola age that the Pudhumai Penn of today will want to immerse herself in,” Tanishq said in a statement.
The designers at Tanishq visited three key symbols of the Chola era including the Brihadeeshwara temple and Gangaikonda Cholapuram to recreate the architecture and symbolism of the period in their collection. The collection includes around 60 pieces of ornaments ranging from finger rings to ear pieces to necklaces and is priced in the range of Rs 75,000 to upwards of Rs 5 lakh.

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