I remember he was always very particular about his health and fitness: Sugandha Mishra on Raju Srivastava

Actor-comedian Raju Srivastav passed away in Delhi this morning. He was 58. Srivastava was undergoing treatment at the AIIMS hospital after he suffered a cardiac arrest while working out on a treadmill on August 10. For many weeks now, he was on a ventilator at AIIMS.

Srivastava entertained people with his comic acts for more than three decades. His colleagues remember him with a lot of love. Sugandha Mishra, who has worked with him, said, “It’s extremely saddening to know that Rajuji is no more. Since he was in hospital for over a month, I always felt that he would recover. My mother too said that he has made many people laugh, he will live long. But unfortunately, he is no more.”

Sugandha has worked with Srivastava on a number of shows. Recounting the good old times, Sugandha shares, “In 2016, we both went on a world tour for our shows and at that time I got a chance to know him more on a personal level. He was humble, simple and a nice person at heart. I saw that he was very particular about his health and fitness. While I used to sleep in the mornings, he would wake up early and go for a swim and to the gym in the hotel. He had a very lively personality. The last time I got to share the stage with him was two months ago. It was for a show for the Mumbai police, where we performed.”

She further adds, “One thing that I will always remember about him is his smiling face. No matter what the situation was, he would always keep smiling.”

Srivastava was an inspiration to budding comedians. Sugandha says, “He was very talented. I used to like his character Gajodhar bhaiyya. One thing that was unique in him was that he would create comedy even out of non-living things. We usually observe living people and come up with comic lines, but he could do that with any random non-living thing too. I hope his family stays strong in these tough times.”

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