‘I took revenge’: Madhya Pradesh boy dies by suicide leaving police in a tizzy | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: A 20-year-old boy allegedly died by suicide in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh leaving behind a five-page note stating that he was taking the extreme step after avenging “sexual exploitation, harassment, torture and extortion” by a teenaged boy living next to his house.
The Gwalior police are conducting a massive search operation across the city to locate the other boy – aged 15 years – who has been missing since Tuesday presuming he might have been murdered.
“I never came across any such case in my previous postings over the past many years. We are trying to locate the other boy. His bicycle has been found from a deserted area behind an abandoned factory nearby,” said Amit Sanghi, Gwalior SP.
The suicide note, police said, has been addressed to his mother saying that he would take another birth to meet her.
The note reads, “He was exploiting me for a long time and was also blackmailing me that if he did not listen to him, he would implicate me. He was extorting money from me. I was not able to tell my story to anyone because the boy was younger than me and no one would believe me. This has tortured me a lot. Now I am taking my revenge and ending my life.”
After reading the note, when the police reached the house of the other boy, he was also found missing since 11am on Tuesday. His mobile was found at home. The panicked family lodged a case of abduction with the local police.
Police said the deceased came home from coaching and went to his room on Tuesday evening.
His family thought he was tired. Later, when the mother went to his room, she found him hanging.
Four separate teams have been formed by the police to trace the ‘missing boy’.
When a team reached an old mill premises tracing the mobile locations, they found the cycle of the missing teenager.

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