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Bengaluru: The newly-widened Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway doesn’t appear to be any safer for motorists than the old highway, going by the number of accidents and fatalities the stretch from Kumbalgodu to Channapatna has seen this year.
According to data, the 51-km stretch has witnessed 203 accidents between January 1 and September 15, 52 of which were fatal and claimed 58 lives. Records show 300 accidents, including 74 fatal ones that led to 77 deaths, were reported on the same stretch in 2021. In 2020, the corresponding numbers were 328, 72 and 75, respectively.
Ramanagara SP Santosh Babu told TOI speed of vehicles on the stretch has increased, and hence, the accident count has remained more or less the same. “Highways are designed for people to drive at a maximum speed of 80kmph, and anything beyond that is risky. Also, in case of some cases, the drivers or riders were in an inebriated condition. It is the driver/rider who should be careful while moving on this highway. If we install a speed breaker or obstruct speed, the purpose of the expressway will be defeated,” he said.
According to Ramanagara police, overspeeding is the main reason behind the accidents. “Those coming from Bengaluru would initially drive slowly due to traffic. On reaching Kumbalgodu where the widened expressway opens up, speed automatically increases. The same is the case for vehicles coming from Mysuru direction. Channapatna onwards, most of them will be moving at high speeds,” an officer said.
“Most accidents were the result of wrong lane driving, suddenly changing lane and in rare cases, the driver losing control over the vehicle, jumping the median and ramming vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Also, there are many self-accidents, including cases of driving under influence of alcohol,” he said.
Recently, the video of a KSRTC Volvo bus skidding on the road and regaining control while avoiding hitting a fallen truck on the railway overbridge in Bidadi had gone viral on social media . Mysuru MP Pratap Simha, after visiting the railway overbridge where the Volvo bus passengers had a miraculous escape, said: “Since waterproofing work was taken up on the bridge, the road was slippery. Soon, a new layer of regular bitumen will be laid.”

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